Ceremonies for Commemoration


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Civil Funeral Ceremonies

What is a Civil Funeral?  Put simply, it is a Funeral Ceremony which reflects the life, beliefs, values and attitudes, but most importantly, the personality of the person who has passed away. 


Using a Civil Celebrant allows you to create a custom-made commemoration which is all about them, and not influenced by the person leading the service.

We can hold the Ceremony wherever you would like, not just at the Cemetery or Crematorium.

They can take as long as you like. 

We can include anything and everything that is important to you.

Civil Funeral Ceremonies are now the most popular choice for many families as they allow you to completely personalise the Ceremony.

Unlike most Celebrants, I am happy to incorporate religious elements from any faith or spiritual belief into the Ceremonies I create with you.

I work with some of the best Funeral Directors, who care as passionately as me about giving you the best possible service, creating a unique, fitting goodbye.  

Please do contact me for a

no-obligation chat!

Flowers Candles Funeral

Ashes Scattering Ceremonies

Do you need a Celebrant to conduct an Ashes Scattering Ceremony?  Probably not, but I do more than just officiate! 

The scattering of the ashes of your loved one is highly emotional, and many people find it too stressful to contemplate.  That is where I can gently guide you and hold your hand (literally, if you want!) to create a fitting final farewell.

You may find that you want the scattering of the ashes to be a more joyful and uplifting celebration of life, and this is something we can work on together.  I can help you find a suitable location, liaise with any authorities and deal with any paperwork.

My Fair Price Policy means that you won't pay any more for

Ashes Scattering Ceremonies at weekends, Bank Holidays or out of office hours.

Please contact me to discuss in more detail.

Pet Urn

Pet Memorial Ceremonies

Pets are part of our families, too!  As a "Fur-ent" to three adorable but demanding cats, I can  empathise with people who have lost their beloved companion. I have been totally bereft at the loss of a pet, and I know that some people just don't understand that it is a bereavement just like any other.

Pet Memorials or Ashes Scatterings are increasingly popular amongst devoted owners (Fur-ents!) and can help enormously with the grieving process for a cherished family member. 


Non pet-parents do not understand how much our furry friends mean to us, and so I have added Pet Memorials to my list of services as a way of helping people come to terms with their loss.

Many of my clients have said how much a Pet Memorial Ceremony has helped their children during this difficult time.

Losing a pet is often our first experience of bereavement, and helping children understand the cycle of life and death helps them to cope later on in life.

Please feel free to contact me to chat about how I can help you when your adored friend lies down for the last time.


My Fair Price Policy



Ceremonies for Celebrations


Invitations and Guest Management

Weddings & Civil Partnerships

A Civil Celebrant Wedding or

Civil Partnership lets you choose everything you want for your special day!


No half-hour one-ceremony-does-all here!


Together, we can make your

Wedding totally unique, totally about you both and your story together.


Lots of additional ceremonies can also be included.  As always, I am more than happy to include religious or spiritual items from any faith, which is something a Registrar, Humanist or secular Celebrant won't.


There are lots of fun, imaginative and unique ways of including your guests in your Wedding. 


Why not indulge in an elegant

Candle Ceremony, add some fun with Jumping the Broom, or anything else for that matter? 


You can mix and match

to your heart's content!


Your bespoke Wedding Ceremony will also include the ceremonial signing of your Commemorative Certificate.

Give me a call and let's have a chat!

The law in England and Wales is due to change very soon, and Celebrants will be able to legally marry couples.  Until then, you can do the legal "marriage" at the Register Office (please ask me about this!) and have a proper, totally "you" Wedding at a time and place that works for you.

Did you know that you are legally married by saying a few words and signing a marriage register?  It can cost less than the price of a meal out for two! 

You don't have to have a full Registrar-led ceremony (with all the fees) to be legally married!

Beach Wedding

How are you different?

Love is all we need!

I will work with you to create a

heart-warming, charming, and thoroughly "you" Ceremony.

You can totally tailor your special day and build a custom-made Ceremony which speaks to you and about you.

Your Ceremony can take

as long as you wish. 


Make it truly magical

and truly your own.

Why not choose one or more of the following special activities?

These are all available for Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Vow Renewals and Committment Ceremonies.


Jump the Broom

Candle Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony

Truce Bell Ceremony

Rose Ceremony

Celtic Oathing Stone

Ring Warming Ceremony

Circling Ceremony

Salt Ceremony

Water Ceremony

Cake and Ale (very popular!)

All items used in the above can be personalised in keeping with your colour scheme and will be yours to keep. 


What a unique way to remind you of your Wedding or Civil Partnership Vows!

Your Ceremony will conclude with the ceremonial signing of your

Commemorative Certificate.

Senior Gay Couple

Vow Renewals & Committments

Want to reaffirm your commitment to your partner?  Perhaps you have reached a significant milestone or anniversary and you'd like to celebrate it?


Maybe your original Wedding wasn't as you had hoped. Or perhaps there are people who couldn't be there the first time?


I would love to help you share your story, that love and lifetime commitment with your friends and family


I am here to turn your dreams into a wonderful reality, creating a stunning, bespoke ceremony that you and your guests will never forget!

.  Your Vow Renewal  or

Committment Ceremony is a fantastic way to make sure everyone is included.

You can add any of the activities to create your special Ceremony.


As always, all of the items used in any of the add on Ceremonies are yours to keep as a memento of your amazing

Vow Renewals or

Committment Ceremony.


The signing of your Commemorative Certificate is the significant conclusion to your Vow Renewal Ceremony or Committment Ceremony.


Ceremonies for Welcomings


Parents with Newborn Baby

Naming Day Ceremonies

Welcome, Baby!


Let the whole world share in your joy as you welcome your beautiful baby with a contemporary Naming Ceremony.

You choose exactly what you would like to have, and I will build a treasured     Naming Ceremony around it.

A popular choice for parents who would like a way of introducing their bundle of joy without the formality (and restrictions) of a Christening or Baptism.

This Ceremony can be held anywhere of your choosing and can include spiritual, religious and non-religious content.

This Ceremony is perfect for conducting at home, in your garden, at the Grandparent's house, or anywhere you would like! 

Your child will receive a special

Naming Day Certificate,

signed by parents, grandparents and any sponsors (or Godparents if you choose!)

Family Unity Candle Ceremonies are a good choice to sit alongside the main event for these Naming Day Ceremonies.

My Fair Price Policy


Children Embracing in Circle

Adoption &

Family Blending Ceremonies

As families change, so parents and grandparents are looking at ways in which new family members can be welcomed.

An Adoption or Family Blending Ceremony allows the family to come together to celebrate new beginnings.

These Ceremonies can take place wherever you would like, and can include traditional, religious or non-religious aspects, it's absolutely up to you.  I will work with you and guide you to create a meaningful and loving ceremony which you and  your family will cherish.

Some couples like to include a

Family Blending Ceremony as part of their Wedding as a way of including all the children and declaring before the world their new family identity.

A lovely way to enhance your 

Adoption or Family Blending Ceremony

is the inclusion of the

Family Unity Candle Ceremony.

This special way of including all members of the extended family means that everyone is involved in creating a welcome to new families and their members.

My Fair Price Policy




Congratulations on becoming a

British Citizen!

My Citizen Ceremonies are here to help you celebrate the Best of British with your family and friends.

What better way of celebrating your new status than with an unique Ceremony?

This light-hearted Ceremony can include just about anything! 


We can explore what it means to be British together and find a way of expressing your new identity.

Your Citizen Ceremony can take place at a time and location of your choosing, and we can have fun together creating a bespoke event that celebrates your cultural identity!


Perhaps you'd like to celebrate with traditional Afternoon tea, or

Fish and Chips? 

My Fair Price Policy